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Cannabis Capsules & Cannabis Oils.


Cannabis Capsules have been specifically developed to make it simple to swallow a precise daily dose of organic Cannabis oil. Cannabis Spain Oil capsules are an excellent way for those who are experienced with Cannabis to use it daily. One advantage to buying capsules from is that you can experience Cannabis oil in a variety of concentrations.

Cannabis Oil

Equipment of Cannabis Oil


Capsulator is proud of our of expertise in the Cannabis industry. Our goal is to define, design, manufacture and integrate the proper equipment for your automation needs. We will provide full line installation and comprehensive support after the installation, we are here for you!

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Philosophy and services

Spain Cannabis company!

Cannabis capsules by nearly 500%—possibly making the ingredient even more attractive for dietary supplements.

Spain Cannabis

Cannabis capsules is nanotechnology to provide accurate and consistent products for consumers.

Cannabis products is legal

Cannabis products are part of what is estimated to be a roughly one billion dollar industry in the Spain.

Cannabis Manufacturing Plan

Cannabis Products Manufacturing Business Plan will also show you the potential profits from the business.

Cannabis Products and services

Cannabis products from oils, vaping pens, edibles, gummies and more. All our Cannabis products include the highest quality.

The best equipment for Cannabis

Equipment offers custom automation services GPM standards for the Spain Cannabis Industry.

Cannabis Oil Customers

We have represented clients in all aspects of the hemp and Cannabis industry. Consultations 24/7.

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For purchase of Cannabis Capsulator

An immense market is developing quickly for Cannabis Spain health and beauty products, including in states that have not legalized marijuana.

Cannabis Dealers and partners

If you are a Cannabis reseller or interested in becoming one, partner with us and watch your business grow.

Be the first.

Cannabis Investments

With Cannabis Spain sales estimated to exceed $22 Billion by 2022, many investors are looking into different ways to get a piece of the action.

Take profit.

cbd Shipping

We find the lowest rates. Equipment Cannabis Shipping very fast: Door to door freight rates.


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Certified Cannabis Expert

Join today to professional Cannabis network, and get high profit business. Start Selling Cannabis Online!


Cannabis Business

Join a group of Cannabis businesses. Learn from others. Open now to support your local business.

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Project Cannabis

Our educational brochures are available for free download. Cannabis Introduction. Cannabis Instruction for equipment and etc.


PDF Presentation

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Contains detailed information on our offers and services.

Photos of Cannabis Capsulator

Equipment for Spain Cannabis capsules with shell gelatin, agar-agar, alginate, pectin, carrageenan and gumarabika.

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How does Cannabis Capsulator work?

Watch video.

Demonstration process of encapsulation Cannabis oil with a cover gelatin.


The Best Cannabis Oil Reviews

Organic, full spectrum, high-performance Cannabis and adaptogen products to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation naturally.

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Founders of the company

Our Cannabis Team

The combined team has a wealth of corporate and business experience for Cannabis Equipment to the available for worldwide distribution.

Romeo founder and owner of the company Equipment for encapsulating Cannabis oil in round gelatin capsules Spain



Paul CTO of the company Cannabis Capsulator for the production of round gelatin and agar capsules with Cannabis oil Spain



Alex leading engineer of the company Cannabis Equipment for encapsulating oil in round gelatin capsules Spain



Characteristics & Prices

Price of Cannabis Capsulator

Short comparison of models Cannabis equipment and cost.

Classic Cannabis model


  • Diameter of capsules is 5-12 mm
  • Dosage of 100-500 mg
  • Up to 15000 capsules per 1 hour

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Standard Cannabis model


  • Diameter of capsules up to 6 mm
  • Dosage up to 100 mg
  • Up to 90000 capsules per 1 hour

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New Cannabis model GMP


  • Diameter of capsules up to 6 mm
  • Dosage up to 100 mg
  • Up to 90000 capsules per 1 hour

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Answers popular questions

Cannabis Capsulator

How to Start and Market Your Cannabis Company.

Cannabis and Hemp Oil Packaging, Selling Cannabis Products, Cannabis Crystals

+ Understand Cannabis, the law and comply with regulations

Obtain incorporation, business licenses and EIN/TIN for your new Cannabis business; Build your real science knowledge base about the cannabis plant and the role of Cannabis; Ensure your Cannabis products are hemp-derived, especially if you’re in a non-legal marijuana state; Make sure your company policies, packaging and product dosing are transparent; Above all, follow the laws set by your state government.

+ Prepare a robust business plan for Cannabis Business

Start your Cannabis Spain business right by creating a business plan, a roadmap that allows entrepreneurs to plan the growth of their ventures and communicate goals and strategies to financial backers and other stakeholders. It’s now easier than ever to produce a powerful business plan. There are guides, software and consultants available to facilitate the process. If you need funding, a business plan is non-negotiable.

+ Find the good suppliers Cannabis oil

Whether you are interested in distributing and re-selling Cannabis products or creating your own, you’ll need to identify a quality supplier. Here’s what to look for: Cannabis sources: Many reputable wholesalers source their Cannabis from Europe, where farmers have had many years of experience growing hemp. More recently, we’ve seen an increase in Spain-based hemp derived Cannabis. If a supplier grows their own hemp, be sure to research their farming practices to confirm that they utilize standard practices and their raw materials meet or exceed industry standards.

+ Build and optimize your website for Cannabis Spain products

Having a functional website up and running is essential to maximizing revenue opportunities. Make sure your website is attractive, easy to navigate and user friendly to encourage customers to purchase products safely and securely.

+ Build your Spain Cannabis brand

A robust social media strategy will help build your brand, promote it and grow your customer base. Posting product photos and special promotions will encourage new visitors to try and returning customers to repeat purchases. Be sure to engage with and respond to followers as they connect with you. This creates a strong B2C bond.

+ Start Cannabis Business is Easy

Succeeding in any industry can be a challenge, but with a little bit of planning and lots of elbow grease, getting in on the ground floor of the Green Rush with Spain Cannabis products can be both lucrative and low-risk. Use this as a starting guide to help you navigate this new found source of green. It will not only help build wealth, but it builds up an informed and well-educated Cannabis consumer population for the greater good and growth of the industry.

Reviews and publications

Cannabis News of the company

Cannabis edibles, such as vegan Cannabis Spain gummies, provide a more palatable and potentially safer way to consume Cannabis.

Cannabis Balms, Cannabis Vaporizer Cartridges, Cannabis Spain Shatter

Cannabis Oil with shell from Gelatin.

Seamless gelatin Cannabis capsules. According to the pharmaceutical definition of a capsule, it is a solid and accurate way to consume a prescribed dosage. Raw Cannabis aren't being sold as pills, because this can not be compressed into a solid substance!

Cannabis Business

Cannabis Protein Powder, Cannabis Sports Supplements

NEW! Cannabis Oil with shell from Agar-agar.

Now we encapsulate Cannabis oils in a cover from Agar-agar. Cannabis oil with shell Agar-Agar it's natural and strictly non-GMO. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, this special Cannabis product is made from unique red algae. Like for Muslims and Vegans.

Cannabis Business

Spain Cannabis Oils for Epilepsy, Cannabis for Parkinson's Disease

We help worldwide to start Cannabis Spain business.

Make it worthwhile, Cannabis is the new industry to start growing rapidly in the web. We help with start of business on Cannabis Oil productions. Useful tips from experts with long-term experience of Cannabis encapsulation. Detailed business plan.

Cannabis Spain

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